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The Valley Forge 
story is being told by
Nancy K. Loane

Author, Speaker


“Easy to read, nice introduction to women in the Continental Army … Dedicated to Research” --- Holly Mayer author of Belonging to the Army

“Thoroughly researched and a compelling read” -- Paul Lockhart, author of The Drill Master of Valley Forge

“Her careful documentation and relaxed writing style make this a not-to-be-missed book for historians and reenactors” – Clarissa F. Dillon, Eighteenth century historian


“You brought the women of the Valley Forge encampment to life during your presentation.” -- Doylestown PA Historical Society

“Your lecture was filled with details that made history come alive for all of us. It was clear that our audience enjoyed every minute of it.” -- Chadds Ford PA Historical Society

“People are still talking about your outstanding lecture—which many have told me was the highlight of the afternoon!!” Museum of the American Revolution, Yorktown, VA